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March 21 - 7:30

Best of the Festival

A program highlighting the BEST of the Frederick Festival of Film

"Best of the Festival" Screening Schedule

The Report Card - 2002 Directed by Robert Compitello (Frederick, MD, Drama, 6 min.)

A young boy, facing punishment from his abusive mother for poor grades on his report card, finds a loaded handgun in the house. Based on a true story.

Robert received a B.S. in Business Administration from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA and completed a three-month film-training course at New York University. He has over 17 years of public relations and corporate communications experience, specializing in healthcare media relations, video production, crisis communications, issues management, satellite media tours and large-scale special events.


Laid Off: A Day in the Life - 2002 Written, Directed and Animated by Todd Rosenberg (New York, NY, Animation, 4 min.)

Laid Off is a comedic look at the daily routine of a former dot-com employee, created in Flash animation for the Internet.

"Odd Todd" Rosenberg's website launched in November 2002 and within 6 months received over 1,000,000 unique visitors from over 40 countries. When Todd launched the site he sent it out to 40 friends. Todd has since added new episodes. Todd has served as the Business Development Director for AtomFilms, and done B2B work for Barnes& A cartoonist for life he has freelanced creating greeting cards and had a comic strip that ran in a few papers.


Quixote - 2003 Written and Directed by Marcos Perez (Hollywood, CA, Drama, 24 min.)

A modern day interpretation of the Man of La Mancha, we journey through the life and mind of a man unable to cope with the loss of his wife and his unending determination for revenge.

Marcos graduated from the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2002. He now resides in Los Angeles and works in the film industry.


If Spielberg Made A Snuff Film - 2003 Written by Butch D'Ambrosio, Directed by Todd McCammon & Linda K. Moroney (Astoria, NY, Comedy, 15 min.)

Reality meets Hollywood Cinema in this dark comedy about the director's ability to make any film a blockbuster.

Todd is a post-production editorial/design/animation/visual effects producer in New York City. He has worked on projects for Monday Night Football, HBO, and Nickelodeon. He has screened at over 15 festivals and won numerous awards. Linda has screened at over 20 festivals and won numerous awards for her films, including best screenplay for The Christmas House on Candle Street at the 19th annual Breckenridge Film Festival.


Sweet Dreams - 2003 Written and Directed by Pepi Singh Khara/Frederick Films, LLC (Frederick, MD, Thriller, 8 min.)

The winner of the 1st 72 Hour Filmmaker Contest, Frederick filmmaker Pepi Singh Khara was assigned the criteria of utilizing the Bell Tower at Baker Park, the genre of thriller, red fruit punch, a character named Freddie Rickles and the line "Can you supersize that?" as part of his film.

Pepi began his filmmaking career in 2002 and has produced and directed 9 films since. Pepi's latest film, Footsie and the Toe, premiered at the Weinberg Center for the Arts on March 11th, 2006 and is now traveling around the film festival circuit.


The Return of Peg Leg Pete - 2004 Written and Directed by David Cairns (Edinburgh, Scotland, Comedy, 10 min.)

An unemployed swashbuckler despairs of ever taking to the waves again in this peculiar bittersweet comedy.

David's last short film, Cry for Bobo, won 23 awards in over 100 festival appearances. This was his first submission to the Frederick Festival of Film.


Shutter - 2004 Written by Dobler's Pen Productions, Directed by Matt Mickelson (Baltimore, MD, Horror/Fantasy, 10 min.)

While completing an assignment for her photography class, Grace finds a blurry figure has worked its way into her shots. Is it a faulty camera, double exposure, or something ominously worse? The answer to that question may cost her more than a passing grade.

Matt is part of Dobler's Pen Productions, now in its fourth year of filmmaking. They've won awards in the International 48 Hour Film Project and Shutter was an audience favorite award winner at the 2004 DC 48 Hour Film Project.


Someone & Someone, Inc. - 2004 Written and Directed by Rohit Rao (Rockville, MD, Comedy, 7 min.)

A satirical look at the American corporate environment through the eyes of one man. Funny and thought-provoking, this dark comedy captures a feeling common to anyone who has ever held a 9-5 job.

Rohit was born in India and moved to the U.S. at age 8. He is a self-trained filmmaker. He lives in North Potomac with his wife and daughter and owns his own production company, Carousel30.


Ides of September - 2004 Written and Directed by Joey McAdams and Clark Kline/Foolmartyr Productions (Frederick, MD, Mystery/Suspense, 10 min.)

The FFOF 2nd year winner of the 72 Hour Filmmaker Contest was Foolmartyr Productions' Ides of September, a tragic tale of intrigue and betrayal. The criteria assigned to this film were a character named Francis (or Frances) Key, a copy of the Frederick News Post, and the Clustered Spires of Frederick.

Formed in 2003, Fool Martyr Productions, an ultra-low budget production company, screened their first feature film Heads or Tails to a capacity audience at the Weinberg in early 2005 and stirred a lively debate in the local paper for weeks after the screening.


Hotel St. Cosmas - 2005 Written by Greg R.S. Kihlstrom/Jessica Schmidt, Directed by Greg R.S. Kihlstrom (Gaithersburg, MD, Animation, 10 min.)

Hotel St. Cosmas is the apartment building owned by Dr. Cosmas, called "Saint" by his tenants for his generosity. He does not charge a standard rent for his tenants, but they do not get to stay for free. Each guest in Cosmas' building has a story to tell, this one is about the King and Queen and the chess game that will determine their fates.

Greg is CCO and a Partner of Carousel 30 productions, producers of last year's audience favorite Someone and Someone, Inc. Greg's background in design, photography and music over the last 8 years well prepared him for this project, which when finished will have a Chaucerian weave of tales around the theme of his infamous hotel. Jessica is also a Partner at Carousel 30, and V.P. of Business Development. Along with her work on projects as writer and producer, she has over 7 years of financial operations experience to fall back on if times ever get tough.


I Love a Parade - 2005 Directed by Kristen Lauth/Thomas Jenkins (Pittsburgh, PA, Silent, 3 min.)

This short documentary is a look at the 2005 Presidential Inaugural Parade in the style of a silent movie. It was the Overall Winner of Pittsburgh's 2005 Film Kitchen annual contest as well as the 2005 Frederick Festival of Film.

Kristen Lauth and Thomas Jenkins recently relocated their productions to Pittsburgh and made their first appearance at the Frederick Festival of Film in 2005.


The Butcher and the Housewife - 2005 Written and Directed by Ishai Setton (Brooklyn, NY, Musical, 19 min.)

The Butcher and the Housewife tells the story of Beverly, an uncherished housewife, and Pete, a supermarket butcher. It is in and around the supermarket that Pete and Beverly finally come together, through their mutual love of the music of the Scorpions. The Butcher and the Housewife features an incredibly talented cast of singers and dancers, including dancing housewives, supermarket baggers and scanners.

Ishai Setton graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he produced the feature-length documentary Ocho Candelas, which won the Joyce Award for Achievement in Documentary. It was recently acquired by the Latin American Video Archives (LAVA). His short documentary, Dinerama 2000 was seen on RCN Cable's program Shoot iT. Ishai has worked in the Technical Services Department for Sony Pictures Classics, and as an editor at NY Based production house Gotham Pictures. He has also taught filmmaking and editing at the New York Film Academy and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Ishai spent two years as Producer and Director of the Forbes Video Network. He is in production on his first feature, The Big Bad Swim.


Modus Vivendi - 2005 Written and Directed by Richard Liukis (Los Angeles, CA, Experimental, 5 min.)

An artist's passage through several mystifying settings leads her to her own transformation.

After completing film school in St. Petersburg, Russia, Richard went to work as an Assistant Director at Riga Film Studio in Latvia. While in film school in Los Angeles, his short film Release Me earned awards at U.S. film festivals. He has worked as a visual effects artist and animator on several films including Sphere, Mission to Mars and the upcoming Chicken Little. His 2002 film, Taste it All, was selected for 51 international film festivals, including the Frederick Festival of Film, and won Best of the Festival at 10 of them.


The Lartigue Mechanic - 2005 Written by Phonograph Films, Directed by Jason Streff/Phonograph Films (Frederick, MD, Comedy, 7 min.)

Louis, the handyman at the Jacques Henri Lartigue Art institute, decides he wants to become an artist himself.

1st time contestants to the 72 Hour Filmmaker Contest in 2005, Phonograph Films made a lasting impression with the audience and other competitors with this drama narrated in Estonian with English subtitles. This films includes the assigned criteria of a character named Jubal Early, The Next 72 Hours weekend guide, the genre of comedy, and the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center as a location.



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